Stuck at home?  Well, this might actually make it FUN ...
"Turn Sitting at Home in Your Comfiest Chair
Into a Delightful Artistic Adventure!"
Enjoy These 7 Creative Stay-At-Home Mobile Art Projects
with Celebrated Artist and Instructor Nicki Fitz-Gerald
The most prolific artists have always known that everything they need to create art is always right there ... immediately at hand.

The first trick is simply seeing it.

After that, it's really about getting creative in exploring what you can make of it all.

This is also where it gets fun.

Nicki Fitz-Gerald has shown again and again that what matters most is learning to see the beauty in everyday life ...

In this case — with the sessions you're about to discover here — literally finding beauty right there inside your own home.

(Or perhaps just outside your window.)

It is about truly seeing what others might call the "ordinary" in a whole new way — as an ARTIST — and allowing it to inspire you.
Which is an amazing set of skills to possess in any case.  But here's what's especially exciting about it here today:  

With the right creative approach — and a passion to create something bold and expressive and all your own — you can explore an entire world of creativity entirely from the comfort of your favorite chair.

That's pretty amazing when you think about it.

Which is precisely why Nicki just spent the past three months creating something expressly to help open up the world of everyday creative abundance to you and your stuck-at-home Muse . . .
“Armchair Art Adventures”
7 Creative Stay-At-Home Mobile Art Projects
Designed Specifically for the iPhone or iPad
Armchair Art Adventures with internationally acclaimed artist, author, and instructor Nicki Fitz-Gerald is going to bring some FUN to being stuck at home  . . .  

Because with this series of projects, Nicki is finally introducing a true stay-at-home creative mobile artistry course with projects drawn from subjects that can easily be created at home or pulled from existing photos already sitting on your mobile phone. 

And even if you have no photos of your own you especially want to work with right now, that’s no problem as Nicki supplies everything, so you can follow right along with her tutorials step by step using all the original images she employs in the training.

All of the lessons in Armchair Art Adventures are intended to provide you with the means of commencing your very own journey of self-discovery ... all while you make the most of being stuck at home.

And whether you simply wish to create art for the fun of it ... or wish to expand your creative reach as a professional illustrator (the way Nicki herself did in her career as a graphic artist) ... 

The techniques and approaches here will radically expand your artistic capabilities.

Because it's not just about learning how to operate a particular app or two.  It's about becoming a proficient ARTIST. 
Join Nicki on This Fresh New Adventure and Here's What
You Can Expect to Discover:
You’ll learn advanced collage techniques like layering, masking, blending, recoloring, and more — along with how all this ties into developing a clear and powerful style all your own — and all this from a professional graphic artist with decades of experience.
You’ll learn how to capably employ some of the most powerful artistic apps for iPad and iPhone today in creating original artwork, including Superimpose X, Procreate, Snapseed, TouchRetouch, iColorama, and more!
You’ll learn how to seamlessly combine textures, lettering, and abstract elements into your digital collages using two of the most popular compositing and painting apps available: Procreate and Superimpose X. (The training in Procreate is especially extensive.  Which is great because it's one of the most powerful pro-caliber tools on the market today!)
You’ll learn how to create your own custom color schemes, your own pattern stamps and brushes, your own collage backgrounds … and learn how to masterfully blend all these artistic elements in with your own photos to create beautiful artwork.
You'll learn to see the creative potential in the many objects, patterns, and colors around your own home — and use those simple materials to create your own unique, beautiful images. 
You'll learn how to create custom color palettes that will guarantee harmonious color in your images … a sure way to up your color game!
And to get you started, you'll be given everything you need to follow along step by step with each tutorial (so you needn't leave your home at all if you prefer to enjoy the comfort of your favorite chair and a beverage of your choice as you dive into this fresh new creative adventure).  
And most important of all, through this process, you’ll learn to engage creating artwork as a journey of discovery, utterly unconstrained and without bounds, whether you travel the world or merely travel the length of your living room.
You’ll be learning all of this as you work through 7 Core Sessions, each a multi-video project you can follow along with on your own iPhone or iPad, combined with additional tutorials layered in throughout to further expand your skill set and open up ever greater possibilities for your work. 
And Then You ALSO Get to Enjoy
a Bunch of Great Bonuses!

Creating Custom Stamp Brushes in Procreate — Video & Bonus Set!
Learning to create your own custom stamps and brushes within Procreate will open up endless possibilities for your artwork while also giving you the perfect way to make your art truly your own.

Although to get you started, Nick also assembled an excellent set of 10 Procreate Colour Brushes you can begin using right from the start.
Creating Custom Colour Palettes in Procreate — Video & Bonus Set!
Many beginning artists run into the awkward challenge early on of not knowing which colors will work best together in their collages.  You can imagine how frustrating it would be to get to the end of a piece and realize the colors just don't quite work together.  Nicki's training here will remove that challenge forever.  And her custom downloadable set will get you off and running!

Nicki's Actual Source Files —
For All 7 Creative Projects!
Again and again students have requested to have access to the original photos and various graphics used in the tutorials.  Nicki has assembled them all here for you!  This makes going through the training more engaging since it allows you to follow along with Nicki at every step.  You'll also have fun taking Nicki's source material and creating your own variations!

Mastering Procreate — Extensive Bonus Tutorial!
The app Procreate is robust to say the least. And while you'll see it used again and again across the tutorials in the course, Nicki felt you would really benefit from an even more in-depth exploration of what this immensely powerful app makes possible to the avid collage artist.  This extensive bonus session will demystify the components and tools you'll put to the greatest use when you fire up Procreate on your next creative adventure!
BONUS #5 - Just Added!
"Going Out" and "Staying In" — Two Brand New Bonus Sessions w/ Eight New Creative Projects!
Nicki just prepared these two new bonus sessions to expand on your range of creative techniques and challenge you through 8 brand new projects.  Four of these you'll engage in after taking short walks; four you will enjoy while relaxing at home.  All eight are going to be great fun, will spark fresh ideas for artwork, and open up new avenues for your creativity!
And Best of All?  You Can Dive In Today … Enjoy All the Training & Bonuses ... and Not Risk a Single Penny!
As with all of Nicki's courses, you can jump into this exciting new training today, enjoy it for a full 60 DAYS, and if you don't absolutely love it, just say the word and you'll get every penny back.  (And you can even keep all the bonuses just for giving it a try!)

Seriously.  Play with this training for two full months . . .  

And if you don’t absolutely LOVE the adventure Nicki takes you on, just send in one quick email and you get a full refund.

It’s really that simple.  

And that’s totally fair, right? If you don't love it, you pay nothing.

So it's truly zero risk!

"Nicki Fitz-Gerald's iPhoneography course will provide you with a new set of skills that will refine your photographic technique enable you to expand your artistic skills. Nicki is an inspiring teacher of the first order who has shared her iPhoneography skills for more than a year on AdoramaTV, and has presented several courses for journalists and artists in the UK. She has exhibited her iPhoneography work in Europe and the US, and joined me in co-authoring the popular iPhoneography book The Art of iPhone Photography. You will love her approach, and all the exciting techniques she shares!"
Bob Weil
(Author, Graphic Artist, Instructor)

"Nicki's training is a true delight to go through. I never imagined that I would aspire to create abstract art with just my iPhone photos, but Nicki has been such an inspiration! She doesn’t just show you how to 'edit' photos, or how to 'improve' photos — she shows you how it’s possible to create true works of art with just a few apps! It's really fantastic (and fun).  With oodles of information, tips, and creative influence, I’m thrilled to be a part of Nicki’s Adventures!"
Katie Lynn
(Photographer, Artist, Blogger)
”It's one thing to be able to snap a good photo on an iPhone and run it through a few apps to make it look cool.  But it is an altogether OTHER thing to be able to collect images the way Nicki does and turn them into works of layered, painterly, collage-style art.  Doing that (and pulling it off well) takes learning to think and work in a different way.  And that's what Nicki Fitz-Gerald excels at.  Being an instructor myself, I'm always impressed by how clearly Nicki is able to lay out the artistic process and get her students to SEE differently.  It's amazing to watch.”
Sebastian Michaels
(Photo Artist, Writer, Instructor)
So! Let’s Recap What You’re Going to Get . . .
7 Extensive Multi-Video Lessons — each an artistic project all its own (which you can follow along with step by step, using all the original source files included as a course bonus), and each opening up an array of techniques and creative approaches for crafting original art on an iPhone or iPad.
3 Bonus Tutorials — actually even more than that, but three main ones that will open up a world of possibilities for your art, enabling you to carry your creative life as far as you might dream!
3 Bonus Content Sets — not only the complete set of source files (all the images & photos used in the training) but also Custom Brush Sets and Custom Color Palettes designed by Nicki herself.
And TODAY You Can Grab Lifetime Access
to This Brand New Online Training & All the Bonuses!
If you join Nicki today in "Armchair Art Adventures" you get immediate lifetime access to this exciting new world of artistry for only $57.

This gets you all the training and all the bonus content online, with lifetime access to everything, so you can take it all at your own pace and return to the training as often as you like, whether to review techniques or simply get re-inspired.

When you consider the thousands of dollars it would cost to attend one of Nicki’s live workshops — you realize just how great this opportunity is. 
Grab Lifetime Access to
"Armchair Art Adventures" and All the Bonuses
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It's the holidays!  Take advantage of this Special RE-Launch Offer ... and get instant access to this year's biggest iPhoneography sensation at almost half off. 

Enjoy lifetime access to all the material, receive all the bonuses, and join in on all the excitement ... Simply click the button below and start your adventure today!
And Remember – You Either Love It  . . . Or It’s FREE.
You are going to have a full 60 DAYS to go through this training, grab all the bonus content, and explore this new and exciting approach to creating art on your iPhone or iPad.  

Enjoy the videos, learn all the techniques, grab the bonuses, try it all out for yourself.

And if for any reason during the next two months you’re not thrilled, just send us an email and you’ll get every penny back.  It's really that simple!

PS:  No question about it ...  You can totally go your own way, practice on your own, tinker with various apps and see what you come up with.  But if you want to shortcut all of that trial and error and step right into a tested arsenal of proven techniques and creative approaches — if you want to be creating imaginative artistic iPhone images starting TODAY — then take advantage of this course.  If Nicki's training doesn’t blow you away, you have a full 60 days in which you can get a complete refund. So give the training a try and see what kind of artistry it brings to your life!

PPS: But what will the actual apps cost me?  Glad you asked.  The two main apps you're going to want if you don't have them already are Superimpose X and Procreate.  Together they work out to under fifteen bucks.

PPPS:  Ummm ... how about Android devices?   This course was specifically designed for iPhones and iPads, not for Android devices.  Some of the apps covered are available on both platforms, and the most important training applies no matter what you're using to work with images.  But if you are specifically looking for a step-by-step Android-based course, this probably isn't it.
What Some Students Are Already Saying . . .
"In just a couple of hours tonight, I’ve overcome my fear of procreate, and learnt about two dozen features. (Your one bonus video explaining overview of Procreate alone is worth the entire price of the course!) The infinite possibilities of brushes and stamps are totally going to take my art to a whole new level." - Sebastian Antony, New Jersey, US
“I began learning Procreate at the beginning of the year but found it hard to apply it to my work except in the most basic ways. Your video was truly eye opening. Multiple tools suddenly made sense and now I can’t wait to use them. I mainly use IColorama, which I love (I did your iColorama Creative course after teaching myself and that was brilliant too!!!) but was finding it hard to see what Procreate could offer that was better. I now have had a glimpse of a whole new world of possibilities. This course is just what I need to push my creativity while still maintaining an authentic voice." - Susan Latty
“I have just started the course and can already tell it is going to be excellent! Thank you so much for all the time and effort you have put into it and for your amazing contribution to the Mobile photography and art movement." - Linda Hollier
“I thought I knew a lot about how to create iPhone art, but Nicki still left me saying ‘wow!’ again and again. [Nicki's training is] just filled with terrific techniques and tips that anyone can learn, use, and adapt to their own iPhone art. Highly recommended.” - Marty Yawnick (LifeinLofi)
“Thank you, Nicki … your tutorials are so easy to understand, and about the subject and not the presenter.  You are a welcome breath of fresh air.” - Derry Caulfield
"Thank you so much Nicki, I never imagined I could have so much fun on my iPad :)" - Mary Sheldon Fears
“Oh my goodness, I can’t believe how much fun I’m having!” - Jennifer Wagner
“Nicki is a brilliant collage artist pushing the limits of mobile art each day with her wonderful painterly and abstract creations all straight from the iPhone.” - Andy Royston
“You are an amazing teacher Nicki, thanks so much for giving me a new hobby, one that I can do anytime.” - Jay Reeves
“I was new to Procreate, it was fun to learn about collages and stamp making. Nicki’s encouragement and input was extremely helpful.” ~ Gillian Van Werkhoven
“Nicki’s instructions are clear and thorough which make them easy to follow. Her responses to comments and questions on the Facebook page are always encouraging and she is always willing to follow up with students and provide extra information and tips.  Something I love most in this course is how Nicki draws our attention to what is directly in front of us, encouraging us to be mindful of the moment and of our surroundings.” ~ Linda Hollier
“Nicki demystifies the creative process and makes it accessible to all in a friendly, easy-to-follow way. She ‘gives permission’ to be spontaneous. And it's nice that the videos are bite-sized.” ~ Carol Whaley Addassi
“Of all the courses I’ve taken, Nicki’s have been the ones that have allowed me to be where I am now.  I’ll never be able to thank her enough for all the support she gave me during the training!” ~ Susie Leff
“Thank you Nicki for an outstanding course! I am learning a great deal and I love your encouragement to use our imagination!” ~ Lynn Kavanagh
"Nicki's training is such an eye opener and gave me a total new approach towards photo artistry." - Christophe Peeters
“Armchair Art Adventures was *phenomenal* for me, especially as I feel I got a good grasp of all the features of Procreate — an app I had been long intimidated with — in just a weekend!  I also learned to appreciate fine points like how to use touch-retouch cloning, Snapseed selective, dodge and burn. etc to refine the subtle *details* that make a work of art truly print-worthy, instead of disappearing into the millions of photos uploaded to social media that are viewed only once by a handful of people.” ~ Sebastian Antony
"I love Nicki's style of training. She makes it all real to me. It is easy to follow and I’ve been able to develop my own style which I am thrilled with." - Kim Smith
"Your videos have saved me trawling through endless app reviews and searching for "how to ..." guides.  Thank you Nicki." - Peter Bryenton
“This class is the best I have found for a beginner to learn procreate.” ~ Carole N Clayton VandenBerg
"I have been a big fan of Nicki's work since I first saw it on Instagram. I was drawn to her creativity and painterly style ... Nicki's unique fine art photography is a true visual treat and I believe that her passion for mobile artistry will enable people to express their own creativity, not only by learning the advanced editing tutorials on layering, blend modes and masking techniques but the endless inspiration she finds from almost any subject caught in her field of vision. Her work is pure poetry!” - Mark Fearnley
“This is so much fun! All my creative energy is spilling over onto my iPad thanks to your Armchair Art Adventures.”
~ Debbie Strong
Sounds Great!  I'm Ready For
"Armchair Art Adventures"
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Take advantage of this Special RE-Launch Offer ... and get instant access to this year's biggest iPhoneography hit — with acclaimed artist, author, and instructor Nicki Fitz-Gerald — at nearly half off during the holidays! 

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A Personal Note From Nicki ...

“Hope you are well, my friends. This is such a challenging time and I’m glad we are here together in this artistic community to share our beautiful art with one another. It’s uplifting and comforting. Art truly heals. ... And with so many of us quarantined at home, I know it can be tough to get out and take photos of fresh material. Which is why I’m so excited to announce this new course I’ve built for you in the hope that it makes being stuck at home that much easier (indeed, a whole lot more fun)!  I sincerely hope you'll join us on this new creative adventure!”  ~ Nicki

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