Internationally Acclaimed Artist and Celebrated Author Reveals:
"How Thousands of Creative Women Around the World are Rediscovering Themselves and Empowering Their Lives 
With Their iPhones."
Isn't it about time we moved beyond "selfies"
and created something meaningful?
Portland, Maine
March 2017
Dear Reader,

Question for you, woman to woman . . .   

What is it really like to be truly confident in your own skin?

Even the most confident of women experience gnawing feelings of inadequacy at times ...

— Am I good enough?
— Am I smart enough?
— Am I thin enough? 
— Am I pretty enough? 

And on top of those ... 

— Will I ever achieve enough?
— Will I ever BE enough? 
Artistic Self-Portraiture
And if we aren’t the ones asking ourselves those questions, you can be sure there's no shortage of others eager to jump in and ask them.

But I'm here to tell you — it doesn't have to be that way.

So if you've had enough of the inner critic ... 

If you want to step into a new life  resplendent with genuine confidence, power, and self-acceptance …

Then allow me to provide you with a chance to rise above the noise out there …
To embrace the real YOU.  To celebrate who you truly are!

Not that there’s anything wrong with the typical fun selfie for the sake of a selfie — as long as you realize that that’s all it should ever be.

Fact is, according to various online sources, over 1 million "selfies" are posted EACH day!

Think about that.

artistic self portraiture
And with a million "selfies" being posted every day, and so many of them enhanced to make the guys more manly and the women more pretty and everyone made to look happier and more exciting than YOU ... 

Honestly ... how life-affirming or artistic do you think those photos are?
No wonder we so often succumb to questioning our own lives and our own selves when we are bombarded daily with a standard of perfection that none of us can ever measure up to.

What I’m talking about here is SO much more than that.  

We are so much more than that.

YOU are so much more than that.
artistic self portraiture
Imagine what it would be like if a “selfie” could instead capture the very essence of your soul … If it could capture what lies beneath:  your wisdom, your quirkiness, or even your life story … 

If it could capture the true work of art that is YOU — the grace and the magic that resides within you and makes you the unique, special individual that you are ... 


Think of how a fundamental shift like this could change the way you see yourself and what you share of yourself with the world.
And it's that kind of fundamental shift I want
to talk to you about here.  It involves what I think of as: 
"Artistic Self-Portraiture."  (With an emphasis on ARTISTIC.) 
Artistic self-portraiture is about discovering and connecting with your inner self.

Artistic self-portraiture is about creating something SO far beyond those traditional "selfies" that seek to hide the truth rather than reveal it ... 

Because I'm here to tell you — there is ...
Beauty and integrity in imperfection,
Joy in finding that beauty in imperfection, and
Healing in embracing that beauty.

But this isn’t just about a photographic art form.  This is about the art of taking care of YOU.

This is about the inward journey to discover and empower YOU 

Despite your notions of physicality, or perhaps because of your notions of physicality ...

But make no mistake.

Artistic self-portraiture is so much deeper than what social media tries to tell us is beautiful.
What I’m talking about HERE is a celebration of the "perfectly imperfect" — something vital and important about you, which was hard won because of…

* Your experiences,
* Your travels,
* Your pursuits
* Your dreams
* Your family and friends, and ...
* Your ultimate vision for your life. 

Imagine all these translated into artistic portraiture ... not only for your own journey of self-realization, but perhaps shared with other artistic souls for their empowerment as well. 

And consider this ...
What would it be like to tap into the creative 7-year-old
you used to be — back before the world forced you to accept
all its definitions of how to be happy in your own skin?
Would you experience an explosion of creativity?

Would you experience an immediate acceptance of yourself and a confidence to be different than the crowd?

Would you look in the mirror…and finally see the person you always wished you could be?

Now think about this ...
What if you could take nothing more than your iPhone…  and create an amazing body of artwork, rich in content and expression — even if you were the only subject you ever chose to shoot?

For those who have never encountered serious iPhone photo art, the reaction when they do see it is always the same: stunned disbelief.

“You created THAT on your iPhone?”

Seriously.  You have been looking at iPhone photo art this entire time with me.  Can you imagine how shocked most people would be to discover that all of the above "selfies" were completely created on an iPhone?!

Because of this amazing new advance in iPhone technology, the entire DSLR camera industry has taken a massive hit, as more folks take advantage of the ease, convenience, and high-end tech of the cameras within their smartphones.

Why is that?
Well, THINK about your own iPhone.

For one, you carry it everywhere with you and then feel practically naked when you forget it at home.

So, your iPhone is already a very real extension of you.

And think about THIS:

The camera on an iPhone — small as it might be — is an object of sheer brilliance in its engineering. 
The high-quality images you can capture with an iPhone can't be taken lightly.  Not anymore.  Not when Apple is creating 10-story-high billboards to show off the amazing results of what can be shot on an iPhone.

And those are just photos.

It gets REAL mind-blowing when you can take those photos and CREATE something seriously artistic with them.

And with the recent introduction of serious photography apps, the enormous capabilities of an iPhone are staggering.
BUT, you can't know what you don't know.
And learning to craft serious artistic works of self-portraiture
is very much a journey of discovery …
So, being a completely blank canvas and untapped fertile ground for creativity is the best place to start!

But, start you must!

You have denied your creativity, passion, vision, beauty, and voice for too long.

It is time to CELEBRATE your everyday life!

Of course, just owning an iPhone and knowing how to flip on the camera isn’t enough, unless you are happy with the same trivial snapshots millions of others are taking every day.
Which is why, if you want to achieve something extraordinary with images uniquely your own, here is where it gets EXCITING:

You can now get access to the teaching and resources of
world-renowned photographer, photo-artist, and author 
Susan Tuttle ... who is already helping THOUSANDS
of women all over the world transform their lives.
The Art of iPhoneography Self-Portraiture!
This exciting course will open up entirely new avenues of artistic exploration. The techniques covered will fascinate you, and the approach to creating images will inspire you with ideas for hundreds of compositions you’ll be able to shoot and edit for your own emerging online portfolio.  

You will also be invited to join the private Flickr group set up expressly for students just like you going through the course as well. Here you will find outside inspiration and camaraderie.

And regular ongoing class assignments will keep you on your toes and push you to USE the techniques you are learning in the course.  
You'll learn how to take great iPhone photos on ANY model iPhone: 
  • Explore the tricks that enable you to create pro-quality images with an iPhone, iPod, or iPad,
  • While saving you all the endless grief and frustration others struggle with right before they give up and languish unfulfilled in their lives AGAIN. 
Immerse yourself in a wide range of creative ideas for obtaining truly powerful self-portraits: 
  •  Get inspired through a plethora of ideas for making your art unique and fun to create. 
  •  You will have 10 core lessons (comprising 22 videos combined with on-screen iPhone/iPad tutorials) plus additional content to help you make the most of your work.
Master dozens of techniques for leveraging the most important iPhone apps to create intricate compositions: 
  •  Take advantage of all the best iPhone/iPad apps (without losing your way among them), almost all of which are either FREE, or just a BUCK, and ... 
  •  Discover the best ways of stacking their effects to accomplish unbelievably miraculous results.
(Psssst! The free apps alone will save you hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars on what your typical photography accessories and software would run you, so there is no mortgaging the house to pursue your passion, share your voice, and begin your journey of 
self-care and self-reflection.)
And On Top of All That, You’ll ALSO Enjoy These Exciting Bonuses (Valuable Resources You Certainly Won't Find in Other Classes or on YouTube) . . .
Get in today and snag a huge collection of pro-designed textures and overlays you can start using in the course right from the start. 
Textures make an enormous difference in the artistic effects you can create.  One bonus texture set you'll receive Susan created herself, but in addition to this set, you will also get ... 

Additional bonus texture sets by pro-artists Cheryl Tarrant of DistressedFX and Denise Love of 2 Lil Owls Studio, all created expressly for this course, as well as a fourth bonus set by the designers at a DesignCuts — all of these in both rectangular and square format for maximum flexibility.
Get in today and you'll also receive FREE access to Susan's awesome new mini-course on How To Build Your Own Unique Artistic Textures.
This bonus training provides you with 9 additional videos, which will make you all the more self-sufficient as an artist, enabling you to create your very own textures for use in achieving stunning artistic effects in your work.

This training, while short and sweet, will impart critical new skills, make your entire adventure even more exciting, and make all your work more uniquely your own.
Could you, too, get excited about creating 
your OWN original works of art?
Forget one-size-fits-all instruction and paint-by-numbers teaching here.

You will be encouraged towards an unrestrained self-sufficiency in the use and creation of your very own images.

There will never ever be the discussion of you having to be bothered with using somebody else’s images to form your own voice.

Your voice is your voice, and you will whole-heartedly be empowered to use it in a way that is fantastically and artistically unique.

And sure, you can try to do these things all on your own, tinker with a bunch of apps, watch a bunch of YouTube videos, and see what you come up with ... 

But, if you want to shortcut all of that trial and error and step right into a tested arsenal of proven techniques and creative approaches — if you want to begin creating your most imaginative, exciting iPhone images starting TODAY — then this training with Susan will save you an enormous amount of time and frustration ... which means quality time for both you and your loved ones.  (AND lots more fun.)

What's more . . .
This approach to Artistic Self-Portraiture also translates to
serious artistic portraiture of others in your life as well ... 
When was the last time you took a picture of your daughter purely to focus on her inner light and radiance, and then to magnify that artistically?

What would it be like to have THAT forever-moment captured in your own personal gallery, if not displayed publically?

How about exploring your feelings for your mother, or grandmother, or sister… all through artistic portraiture?

Or what of your relationships with a son, spouse, father, grandfather, and brother?

And what of the use of costuming if just one in your world chose to wear something that best represented his or her own passions?

Your own sphere awaits you to awaken and grab hold of what’s been there all along, right in front of you: your own vision, and your own groovy mojo.
Will these unchartered, creative waters in 
artistic portraiture be of value to you?
At the end of your journey, what it really comes down to is a series of questions you'll have to ask yourself:

— Did I make a difference?

— Did I truly love myself?

— Did I truly love others?

— Did I share my gift when I had the chance?
OR ...
Did I leave my gift unwrapped?  Did I hide my light under a bowl?  
Did I share my knowledge?  Did I share my wisdom?  Did anyone grow?

Most important of all ... 


And then you’re back to square one looking out the window watching the entire world pass you by as you ponder all the “what-ifs” when…

You could have been taking action towards a dedicated and focused self-awareness, that is, becoming more confident, powerful, and vibrant in your own skin.

Like many other women before you who realized wanting more kindness for themselves was not a far-fetched longing, but a heart’s cry for creative, artistic self-care.

If you have an iPhone (or iPod or iPad), and…

If you love the idea of creating great photographic art, then take up this challenge to be kind to yourself.  If you do, you’ll find this to be one of the most exciting and enjoyable experiences of your life.

This is your chance to awaken the legacy inside of you.
Truly — Art Is Everywhere.
But will you nurture your capabilities of SEEING it?


Of CRAFTING it out of the moments that make up your life? 

Learning to fashion art out of the images you capture and edit with nothing more than your iPhone will open a world of creative and nurturing possibilities you might otherwise walk right past unrecognized and undiscovered.

But what if it turns out that artistic portraiture
just isn't your cup of tea?
No worries.
Because you can try ALL of this …
Essentially For FREE.

And here's why:
You are going to have a full 60 DAYS to go through this training, enjoy all the videos, grab all the bonus content, and explore this new and exciting approach to creating art on your iPhone or iPad.

And if for any reason during the next two months you’re not thrilledjust send us an email and you’ll get every penny back.

You are completely safe in exploring your untapped artistic potential.  Either you LOVE the journey, or you get 100% of your money back.  Couldn't be any simpler.

Learning to create extraordinary portraits with your iPhone will awaken something in you that could enrich the deepest and most important parts of who you are as a person and as an artist ...
Whether you shoot portraits of others or take up the challenge of exploring the rich world of creative artistic self-portraiture, the instruction in this course can elevate your entire artistic life to a new level.

This can truly change everything.

That is ... if you're ready for that . . .
Yes!  This is Definitely For Me!
I want to explore the "Art of iPhoneography Self-Portraiture" with Susan Tuttle 
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PPS: Another thing to keep in mind is just how much you're saving here — not only because of the 40% discount, but compared to taking one of Susan's live workshops in Maine. Those can cost thousands. But with this course you actually get to learn all of Susan's best insights and techniques from the comfort of your own home ... and with lifetime access to all of it, allowing you to take your time & return whenever you like!
PPPS: If you're using an Android device ... you're going to have to sort of translate what you see in the training here over to matching or equivalent apps. But the real value in this course hasn't anything to do with "tap this, slide that" step-by-step follow-along training. It has to do with the APPROACH and the thought process behind it all. Apps come and go (and most are free or at most a buck), but the ideas endure. The ideas are what matter.
What some of Susan's students are already saying:
“I’m sure you get this a lot, but I have found no one that even comes close to your online teaching skills. And you always keep things fresh and exciting!” - Susan Freise
“I owe so much to Susan in how I choose to edit and enhance my photographs, and have loved every class I’ve taken from her! If you ever have the opportunity to take one of Susan’s classes, don’t hesitate…you won’t regret it! She’s great!”  
- Diane Cook
“I have been following Susan Tuttle since at least 2006. I have seen her continually grow as an artist, and watched her come out with one great book after another, and get published in different magazines. I absolutely love her work. And now she has this course that involves photos taken with your iPhone and magically turns your smart phone into a convenient place to manipulate or create masterpieces wherever you are. This is easily the most up to date, state-of-the-art, amazing, brilliant, out of this world approach to creating art I have ever seen.” - Patti Koosed
“Thank you, Susan, for sharing your knowledge. I was needing a little creative pick-me-up and I got it! Your classes are always clear and concise (this from a retired school teacher) and I always get so much out of them. Thank you!”  
- Lois Reynolds Mead
“I discovered Susan through her incredible books on creating photographic art. When I saw what she was able to accomplish with nothing more than an iPhone, it knocked me flat. Her capabilities as an instructor are remarkable, and her sensibilities as an artist utterly captivating. Highly recommended!” - Katie Lynn
“There is something absolutely fascinating about carefully executed artistic self-portraits: They are conduits of discovery. And when explored, I believe they invariably come to shape us as artists. Susan Tuttle, through her immense talent as an artist and as an instructor, provides a journey into this realm like no other.”  - Sebastian Michaels
Meet Your Instructor . . .
Susan Tuttle has been working as a professional photographer and artist and author for over a decade ... 

And what's more, she has accomplished more in that time than most artists could hope to achieve in a lifetime.

Susan has seen four of her books published to great acclaim, all published by North Light Books:
• Art of Everyday Photography: Move Toward Manual and Make Creative Photos (2014)

• Photo Craft: Creative Mixed-Media and Digital Approaches to Transforming Your Photographs (2012, co-authored with Christy Hydeck)

• Digital Expressions: Creating Digital Art with Adobe Photoshop Elements (2010)

• Exhibition 36: Mixed-Media Demonstrations and Explorations (2008)
In addition to authoring her own books, Susan is also a frequent contributor to Stampington & Company publications and other North Light books.  She was also recently named Technical Advisor for Somerset Digital Studio magazine, and her website has been featured on the Huffington Post and iVillage.

What's more, Susan's mobile photography has been exhibited internationally in London, New York City, Paris, Prague, and Rome.
Susan's iPhoneography has won many awards and recognitions from venues like the prestigious:

New Era Museum’s Impossible Humans: The Unexpected Happening Exhibition, Winner of the Pollock Project Award, (Rome, Italy - 2016)

Mobile Photography Awards, 3 Honorable Mentions in the Self-Portraits, Portraits, and Landscapes categories (2015)

Paris Mobile Photography Awards, 1st Place in the iPhoneography Self-Portrait category (2013)  

American Aperture Awards (AX3), 1st Place in the Nudes category (2013)

Mobile Photography Awards, Honorable Mention in the Self-Portrait category (2013)

To say that Susan is highly esteemed and has the chops to teach this course is an understatement.

But, it’s her current and former students that endorse what can only be called the proof in the pudding when it comes to Susan’s knowledge and heart for teaching.
“I love this woman, I love her work, and I couldn’t sign up for her latest course fast enough. Susan’s images evoke such emotion, I am excited to use my own self as a study in artistic portraiture, and with her as a guide, what a gift.”
- Stacy De La Rosa
“Absolutely THRILLED about this course! Not so much because it’s about selfies (gulp), but because Susan Tuttle teaching an iPhoneography course, in my books, is not to be missed … She is MASTERFUL in the medium. This will be my 3rd online course with Susan … She completely totally utterly ROCKS as a teacher and I have no doubt she’s just about to change my (iPhone) world … and quite possibly my personal world, too.” - Christi Carter 
“Your work with self portraits is brilliant and your course is awesome — instructionally sound, well designed, clear and easy to follow and chock full of tips, tricks and techniques of value to both the novice and the veteran iPhoneographer. If you’re looking to explore your creative spirit and build your repertoire of skills, this is a great place to start! In just the first couple of lessons I’ve learned new things that I will apply in the work I do. And although, I’ve only taken the occasional selfie, I’m inspired to dig more deeply into that! iPhone work has been a huge part of my photo repertoire since 2010 and it always amazes me how many different creative paths we have all taken with it. Congratulations to you on your recognition for your work and for creating this awesome course.” - Rad Drew
“I love your style of teaching so much, Susan! You’ve explained every method perfectly in a structured and easy to follow way – it’s always so much fun and inspiring to learn from you!” - Rosie Grey 
And a Few Final Words from Susan . . .
"Having a body is such a gift!   Through our bodily form and our senses we are able to experience the beauty of the world and give of ourselves to others. 

"We can share and receive love through the power of a simple touch, take in the breathtaking colors of the sky at sunset, inhale deeply the heavenly scent of a peony, be enraptured by the mellifluous tones of a symphony, and taste layers and bursts of delicious flavor in a dish so carefully and lovingly prepared. 

"Self-portraiture celebrates this gift of the human body, which is really a celebration of life.  And, when you set aside all notions of what society says is physically beautiful (which is unattainable anyway) and focus instead on what it means to experience life through a form, a shift in thinking takes place. 

"I’d like to think this comes through in my self-portraits, and I’d like to invite others to open themselves to this type of thinking and explore the art of self-portraiture as a celebration of their life on this earth."

~ Susan Tuttle  
Looks Wonderful! Can't Wait!
I want to explore the "Art of iPhoneography Self-Portraiture" with Susan Tuttle 
Today at 40% OFF — making it only $87!

I’ll get instant lifetime access to the course videos and all the bonus content. 
I'm also completely protected by a 60-day 100% money-back guarantee
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