If you're as crazy about your dogs and cats as we are  . . .

“Finally a sure-fire approach to turn your pet photos into awesome works of art you’ll be excited to show off!”
Because come on . . . your pets deserve a bit of celebrity pop status!
You probably take endless photos of your pets, but how often do you turn your pet photos into fun works of ART? 

Well, it's time to do just that!

Because your pets — cats, dogs, hamsters, turtles, or llamas — deserve to enjoy a bit of the limelight too!

You might not want to make your pet “Insta-famous,” but I bet you wouldn’t mind getting more creative with your pet photos and bring out their character in fun ways. 

Then you could WOW your friends and family when you share or post your pics ...

(Rather than bore them with yet another pic of your dog being his usual doggie self or your cat staring into the camera with unclear intentions . . .)

(Wonderful composition by course student Marlene Phipps!)

And here's the best part  . . .

What if creating art like this was an absolute blast?

What if all you needed to transform your favorite pet photos into extremely cool works of original art was a carefully honed, easily repeatable creative approach (crafted by a professional artist and illustrator) — something you could easily follow with confidence each time?

And what if all it required was a single creative app on your phone or tablet?

Because that really is all it takes.  The right approach and the right app.  Both of which you can easily take up today . . . and immediately start turning your pet pics into awesome works of art!

And incidentally — we're not talking here about creating images that just sit on your phone looking cool.

(Although having artwork like this as the wallpaper background on your phone or computer would be sweet too!)
But consider this . . . Where else might you want to see your pets showcased?  

How about on your coffee mug? How about on your keychain 

How about on a magnet for your refrigerator or a small canvas print you set up on your desk beside your computer?

Or how about on a T-shirt or on a bumper sticker for your car?

What if you created a series of images and made them into a calendar or a photo book?

You can even turn your creative pet portraits into iPhone cases, drink coasters, Christmas ornaments and all sorts of other fun things.

With awesome companies like Shutterfly and Mpix out there, the possibilities are just about endless.

There are SO many cool ways you could be showing off your pets.

And of course it might not even be a pet you have now that you're celebrating, but perhaps instead a beloved pet you've lost . . . Where creating art based on their photos is a way of preserving their personality in your life forever.

Or maybe it's even an adored pet belonging to one of your friends or someone in your family. . .

Imagine all of the cool ways you could turn their pets into amazing gifts as well!
In fact, don't be surprised when folks start asking if they can pay you to create artwork based on their pets!

Put simply, pets are SO much a part of our lives.  And the artwork you could be creating based on their photos is not just fun to make, but can also be so incredibly meaningful and fulfilling.

And all of this is why celebrated artist and illustrator Nicki Fitz-Gerald just spent the past several months crafting this exciting new creative approach for you . . .


“Creative Pet Portraiture
with Procreate”
(Where you take your favorite pet pics and transform them into amazing expressive works of art on your iPad or iPhone!)
Creative Pet Portraiture is a fresh photo artistry adventure for the iPad and iPhone ... all about mixed-media collage — using shapes, textures, and painterly techniques that will enable you to create dynamic artistic portraits of your pets.

This approach not only allows you to show off the character and charm of your pets but also encourages you to let loose as an artist and interpret your pets in a more bold, spontaneous, and imaginative way.

This is going to prove one of the most fun and emotionally satisfying creative adventures you've ever enjoyed . . .  

What's more, this is a short course, something you can go through quite quickly.  In a single afternoon you can learn Nicki's exact approach to creating canvases like this yourself.  

And in the process you'll find yourself mastering Procreate and the many wonders it makes possible to you as a digital collage artist, no matter what your subject matter or where your future artistic adventures carry you.

Indeed, learning your way around Procreate is so important, Nicki even put together a special BONUS section for you with expanded training videos on just that!

Here are just a FEW of the things you're going to learn
in "Creative Pet Portraiture with Procreate":
How to identify great pet photos to use as the subject for an amazing canvases. (Whether your pet is a cat or a dog . . . or a hamster, parakeet, or llama!)
Why working with dogs is so different from working with cats.  (And you wouldn't think that would be the case.  But it's true!)
How to employ both planned and unplanned approaches to creating digital art — combining collage and mixed-media techniques.
The best methods for preparing, storing, and organizing your collage materials.
How to look at everyday surfaces, materials, patterns, artistic marks, and textures — and how to interpret them abstractly to emphasize the unique character of your pet.
An artist's approach to warming up with creative studies of your pet, and how these can improve the final results of your collages.
A pro designer's take on how you should be looking at tonal values (beginners so often miss this point, but it's so important in producing great compositions).
How to make critical use of Procreate’s valuable Reference Panel, Layer Masks, Alpha Lock function, Gradient Tool, and more. 
How to paint and apply lettering in Procreate with various brushes and pencils.
The most important aspects of mastering each of the core layer techniques (management, grouping, naming, moving, locking), which are essential to creating complex pieces of art.
Nicki's secret trick (a special device, really) that will make creating painterly effects on any tablet 10X easier.  (And no, it's not the Apple Pencil.  Though that's awesome too!)
And so much more!
You’ll be learning all of this as you work through Nicki's carefully curated 9-Stage Collage Art Approach in Procreate. 

And by mastering her approach (with all its exciting versatility) you are going to attain a whole new level of confidence in your artistry . . .

All while having a blast turning your favorite pet photos into expressive works of art — which you'll be excited to share with friends and family (and even turn into mugs, beach towels, photo buttons, and more!)
Mastering Procreate — Extensive Bonus Tutorials!
The app Procreate is robust to say the least. And while you'll see it used across the tutorials in the course, Nicki felt you would really benefit from an even more in-depth exploration of what this immensely powerful app makes possible to the avid collage artist.  This extensive bonus session will demystify the components and tools you'll put to the greatest use when you fire up Procreate on your next creative adventure!
So! Here's What You’re Going to Get . . .
Nicki's 9-Step Creative Collage Approach — which will give you the exact method she employs in crafting original pet portraits with Procreate on her iPad or iPhone.  This carefully curated approach is easily repeatable once you learn it, but with a vast range of creative possibilities at each step.  This means you'll be crafting amazing work of your own right away, but with so much artistic variety at your fingertips you'll never run out of ideas to explore!
Bonus Procreate Training — this app is such a powerhouse artistic tool you're going to want to master its use.  And Nicki makes that easy by providing an awesome series of bonus videos walking you through its most important tools and techniques.  (These alone are easily worth the cost of the entire course!)
And No Worries Whatsoever:   You Can Dive In Today … Enjoy All of the Training ... and Not Risk a Single Penny!
As with all of Nicki's courses, you can jump into this exciting new training today, enjoy it for a full 60 DAYS, and if you don't absolutely love it, just say the word and you'll get every penny back.

It’s really that simple.  

And that’s totally fair, right? 

If you don't love it, you pay nothing.

So it's truly zero risk!

Best of All . . . Right Now You Can Grab
Lifetime Access
 to This Brand New Online Training
Join Nicki today in "Creative Pet Portraiture with Procreate " and you get immediate lifetime access to this exciting new approach to creating fun and meaningful art — for only $34.

This gets you lifetime access to all the training so you can take it all at your own pace and return to the training as often as you like, whether to review techniques or simply get re-inspired.

And at only $34 . . . Well, you can hardly buy a bag of dog kibbles for that!  LOL

Don't miss out on this.  You are going to have so much fun.  You're going LOVE the images you are able to create.  And your pets are so worth it!    
Get Lifetime Access to
"Creative Pet Portraiture" with Nicki Fitz-Gerald
for only $34!
Enjoy lifetime access to all the material and bonus training and give your pets the celebrity treatment by turning their photos into works of art!  Grab it now by simply clicking the button below!
And Remember – You Either Love It  . . . Or It’s FREE.
You are going to have a full 60 DAYS to go through this training, grab all the bonus content, and explore this new and exciting approach to creating art on your iPhone or iPad.  

Enjoy the videos, learn all the techniques, and try it all out for yourself while you create some amazing images of your pets.

And if for any reason during the next two months you’re not thrilled, just send us an email and you’ll get every penny back.  It's really that simple!

PS:  No question about it ...  You can totally go your own way, practice on your own, tinker with various apps and see what you come up with.  But if you want to shortcut all of that trial and error and step right into a tested arsenal of proven techniques and creative approaches — if you want to be creating imaginative artistic images starting TODAY — then take advantage of this course.  If Nicki's training doesn’t blow you away, you have a full 60 days in which you can get a complete refund. So give the training a try and see what kind of artistry it brings to your life!

PPS: But what will the actual apps cost me?  Glad you asked.  The only important app you'll need for this course is Procreate.  Depending on whether you get the version for iPhone or for iPad, you're looking at five to ten bucks.  And after you see what it can do — and enjoy all the bonus training Nicki provides to help you master it — we bet it will become your absolute favorite creative app as well.

PPPS:  Ummm ... how about Android devices?   The videos in this course were recorded specifically on an iPad (and the iPhone version — Procreate Pocket — is near identical).  Unfortunately there is no legitimate authorized version of Procreate for Android devices yet.  Sorry!
"Nicki Fitz-Gerald's iPhoneography course will provide you with a new set of skills that will refine your photographic technique enabling you to expand your artistic skills. Nicki is an inspiring teacher of the first order who has shared her iPhoneography skills for more than a year on AdoramaTV, and has presented several courses for journalists and artists in the UK. She has exhibited her iPhoneography work in Europe and the US, and joined me in co-authoring the popular iPhoneography book The Art of iPhone Photography. You will love her approach, and all the exciting techniques she shares!"
Bob Weil
(Author, Graphic Artist, Instructor)

"Nicki's training is a true delight to go through. I never imagined that I would aspire to create abstract art with just my iPhone photos, but Nicki has been such an inspiration! She doesn’t just show you how to 'edit' photos, or how to 'improve' photos — she shows you how it’s possible to create true works of art with just a few apps! It's really fantastic (and fun).  With oodles of information, tips, and creative influence, I’m thrilled to be a part of Nicki’s Adventures!"
Katie Lynn
(Photographer, Artist, Blogger)
”It's one thing to be able to snap a good photo on an iPhone and run it through a few apps to make it look cool.  But it is an altogether OTHER thing to be able to collect images the way Nicki does and turn them into works of layered, painterly, collage-style art.  Doing that (and pulling it off well) takes learning to think and work in a different way.  And that's what Nicki Fitz-Gerald excels at.  Being an instructor myself, I'm always impressed by how clearly Nicki is able to lay out the artistic process and get her students to SEE differently.  It's amazing to watch.”
Sebastian Michaels
(Photo Artist, Writer, Instructor)

(Above you can see several of the awesome items Sebastian Michaels printed up featuring his cats Lady Biscuits, Hypatia, and Gypsy!)

(And just imagine how cool this would be!)

Nicki's Students Will Tell You She Is Amazing . . .
"I'm watching your Pet Portraits class and I just have to say that you keep getting BETTER and BETTER at sharing your creative flow using live video. So happy to see your masterful teaching. You're awesome, honey! Good, good, good on you!!!  BRAVO!!" - Meri Walker
"Thank you, Nicki FitzGerald for such a great course! This was your best one yet! I just lost myself in the process of putting this all together. This was so much fun! I can’t wait to start my next one! “" - Marlene Phipps
"In just a couple of hours tonight, I’ve overcome my fear of Procreate, and learnt about two dozen features. (Your one bonus video explaining overview of Procreate alone is worth the entire price of the course!) The infinite possibilities of brushes and stamps are totally going to take my art to a whole new level." - Sebastian Antony
"You have a way of imparting information in a way that is clear, simple (without being simplistic) and entertaining and, more importantly, makes it immediately obvious WHY it is useful, which somehow makes it much easier to absorb! I also love that you encourage an experimental and playful approach which stresses the up-side to making “mistakes.”  I really enjoyed the course and learnt much that is useful both in the context of creating pet portraits and art generally. Can’t wait to experiment more…!" ~ Apollo Rizopoulos
"Thank you so much Nicki FitzGerald for giving us the gift of being able to do pet portraits, something I would have never thought to attempt before! I am loving the course so much!" ~ Anthea Scotte
"What fun this is and really, it is a GREAT Proceate learning tool . . . People have an affection for their pets so the time put into the many layers is a labor of love. This course is so unique.” ~ Nancy Stone Sherman
"I have taken all of Nicki’s online classes through the years. She is fabulous!!!  I promise, you will not be disappointed.  All you need is an iPad or iPhone, pictures of your pets or any animal." ~ Susan Friese
"Love the new Pet Portraits collage course — top notch as usual from Nicki. Really fun to play and experiment in my favorite app too!" ~ Renee Phoenix

(The above images are by students making their first trip through the training.  Left to right, the artists are Susan Park Crosby, Kathy Kreidler, and Nanette Atienza!)

More Praise for Nicki's Wonderful Workshops . . .
“I began learning Procreate at the beginning of the year but found it hard to apply it to my work except in the most basic ways. Your video was truly eye opening. Multiple tools suddenly made sense and now I can’t wait to use them. I mainly use IColorama, which I love (I did your iColorama Creative course after teaching myself and that was brilliant too!!!) but was finding it hard to see what Procreate could offer that was better. I now have had a glimpse of a whole new world of possibilities. This course is just what I need to push my creativity while still maintaining an authentic voice." - Susan Latty
“I have just started the course and can already tell it is going to be excellent! Thank you so much for all the time and effort you have put into it and for your amazing contribution to the Mobile photography and art movement." - Linda Hollier
“I thought I knew a lot about how to create iPhone art, but Nicki still left me saying ‘wow!’ again and again. [Nicki's training is] just filled with terrific techniques and tips that anyone can learn, use, and adapt to their own iPhone art. Highly recommended.” - Marty Yawnick (LifeinLofi)
“Thank you, Nicki … your tutorials are so easy to understand, and about the subject and not the presenter.  You are a welcome breath of fresh air.” - Derry Caulfield
"Thank you so much Nicki, I never imagined I could have so much fun on my iPad :)" - Mary Sheldon Fears
“Oh my goodness, I can’t believe how much fun I’m having!” - Jennifer Wagner
“Nicki is a brilliant collage artist pushing the limits of mobile art each day with her wonderful painterly and abstract creations all straight from the iPhone.” - Andy Royston
“You are an amazing teacher Nicki, thanks so much for giving me a new hobby, one that I can do anytime.” - Jay Reeves
“I was new to Procreate, it was fun to learn about collages and stamp making. Nicki’s encouragement and input was extremely helpful.” ~ Gillian Van Werkhoven
“Nicki’s instructions are clear and thorough which make them easy to follow. Her responses to comments and questions on the Facebook page are always encouraging and she is always willing to follow up with students and provide extra information and tips.  Something I love most in this course is how Nicki draws our attention to what is directly in front of us, encouraging us to be mindful of the moment and of our surroundings.” ~ Linda Hollier
“Nicki demystifies the creative process and makes it accessible to all in a friendly, easy-to-follow way. She ‘gives permission’ to be spontaneous. And it's nice that the videos are bite-sized.” ~ Carol Whaley Addassi
“Of all the courses I’ve taken, Nicki’s have been the ones that have allowed me to be where I am now.  I’ll never be able to thank her enough for all the support she gave me during the training!” ~ Susie Leff
“Thank you Nicki for an outstanding course! I am learning a great deal and I love your encouragement to use our imagination!” ~ Lynn Kavanagh
"Nicki's training is such an eye opener and gave me a total new approach towards photo artistry." - Christophe Peeters
“This course was *phenomenal* for me, especially as I feel I got a good grasp of all the features of Procreate — an app I had been long intimidated with — in just a weekend!” ~ Sebastian Antony
"I love Nicki's style of training. She makes it all real to me. It is easy to follow and I’ve been able to develop my own style which I am thrilled with." - Kim Smith
"Your videos have saved me trawling through endless app reviews and searching for "how to ..." guides.  Thank you Nicki." - Peter Bryenton
“This class is the best I have found for a beginner to learn Procreate.” ~ Carole N Clayton VandenBerg
"I have been a big fan of Nicki's work since I first saw it on Instagram. I was drawn to her creativity and painterly style ... Nicki's unique fine art photography is a true visual treat and I believe that her passion for mobile artistry will enable people to express their own creativity, not only by learning the advanced editing tutorials on layering, blend modes and masking techniques but the endless inspiration she finds from almost any subject caught in her field of vision. Her work is pure poetry!” - Mark Fearnley
“This is so much fun! All my creative energy is spilling over onto my iPad thanks to your training.”
~ Debbie Strong
"Creative Pet Portraiture is a brilliant workshop, easy to follow and very comprehensive. I’m getting hooked on digital collage.  Thank you Nicki, I loved it!" ~ Pauline Kite
I am blown away by everyone’s work coming from the Creative Pet Portrait class … Never in a million year I thought I would do something like this. I did it because your tutorial/course is easy to follow.  So well done!" ~ Lise Marquis

(Seeing Nicki's images — before & after — is always fun.  Seeing how they were made is a delight!)

This Sounds Great!  I'm Ready For
"Creative Pet Portraiture"
for only $34!
Enjoy lifetime access to all the material and bonus training and give your pets the celebrity treatment by turning their photos into works of art!  Grab it now by simply clicking the button below!
A Personal Note From Nicki ...

Hello, fellow creatives!

Now you have made it this far, I am hoping you will take the next step where I will share with you some exciting and fun techniques I have developed for creating expressive pet portraits using Procreate — hands down my favourite app for creating digital art.

Animals have always featured in my art, especially dogs and cats. They are so much a part our lives, it was only a matter of time before I made them the sole focus of my work.

This course evolved from a fun project I started in our Facebook group where I offered to make mixed-media collages for anyone who cared to send me a photo of their dog. The response was huge and resulted in my spending a few fabulous fun months having the best time translating the dog photos into art (and later some of Sebastian’s cats too!) drawing out their characters with colour, paint, brushes, and mark-making! 

It was so enjoyable and I learned so many new techniques that it felt impossible not to share them with you.

The idea of these classes is to demonstrate to you a few approaches to building your collages using shapes, texture, and painterly techniques to create a dynamic and expressive portrait that not only shows off the character of your pet but also encourages you to let loose and interpret your pet in a more bold, spontaneous, and imaginative way.

I hope you’ll join me on this all new Creative Pet Portraiture adventure creating fabulous art from your beautiful pet photos!

- Nicki
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