Pro Graphic Designer, Published Author, and Acclaimed iPhoneography Expert Reveals:
"How to Use Your iPhone or iPad as an Incredibly Powerful Tool for Creating INSPIRED Artwork"
The World's #1 Tool for Creative Photo Artistry
The iPhone (or iPad) might just be the most revolutionary artistic device today. 

It's easy to use.  It's intuitive.  It's fun.

And you’re carrying it with you everywhere anyhow.  

What's more, with the cameras and apps now available, it’s powerful.
It's just an amazing tool for exploring your creativity.  You can use it to collect imaginative content … and then use it to assemble that content into exciting works of photo artistry.

Don't just use it as a camera.

It's so much MORE than a camera. 

Rather, train yourself to to take it in hand ... and just jump in and see where the creative process takes you ...

Imagine the creative muscles you would build if you learned to master the use of your iPhone or iPad — and trusted yourself to confidently leap off into a loose, spontaneous, playful, intuitive artistic adventure … dashing off with your art as a pure act of self-expression.

Imagine if you could let go of the need to capture a “great photo” and then “edit it” all nice and proper …

... and instead learned to combine a wide assortment of otherwise unassuming content (textures, shapes, colors, letter forms, deliberately blurred images, artistic marks) and use the mix of all that to create altogether original works of art, evocative of moods or themes you wish to explore in the moment.

Just as an impressionistic painter or a collage artist might attack a blank canvas.
So a loose, artistic approach.

But a loose approach rooted in a solid knowledge of core design principles.

An artistic approach — built upon a masterful balance of texture, tone, and form.

In other words: Imagine being able to switch on your creativity . . . as easily as swiping the screen to wake up your phone — and immediately leap off into a world of imaginative exploration …

Exploring possibilities and savoring all the surprises along the way …

Keeping an open mind throughout the process, while allowing each new element in the collage to propel you in a fresh new direction …

All while always striving to find the truth or essence in what it is you hope to express through your art.
That’s how you train yourself to increase your capacity for creative work, unleash your potential as an artist, and find delight in the process every single day.

And here’s the good news: 

We now have an exciting new course perfect for mastering just such an approach . . .
“Adventures in Creative Mobile Artistry”
The First iPhoneography Course Dedicated to
Helping You Create Your Own Visual Language
Adventures in Creative Mobile Artistry with internationally acclaimed artist, author, and instructor Nicki Fitz-Gerald is very much a journey — one you can begin today . . .

You'll join Nicki in finding inspiration everywhere, gathering photos in the most unexpectedly ordinary places, and then you'll move on to the design stage and learn to  combine the various photo elements on an iPhone or iPad, watching as each new element propels the artwork in a new direction until it reaches its final destination as an extraordinary piece of art.

It’s like having a ringside seat watching the creative process evolve, delivering you insights from Nicki's 25 years as a professional graphic artist spent mastering the use of layers and masking techniques . . .  approaches she now transfers to the iPhone.
Across many hours of video, Nicki shares these professionals skills and techniques, showing you how to masterfully combine collage elements in your own work, manipulating color, form, texture, scale, balance, line, and text ...

And you learn to do all this in a meaningful and personal way  ... making use of layering, blend modes, and masking tools to create wholly original works of art spanning a broad range of abstract and painterly styles.
Other courses will teach you a planned approach to iPhoneography, with a finished piece in mind:  a nice pretty photo at the end.  The kinds of photos that make people say, "Oh, nice" as they flip on to the next one ...

This course is different. 

This course is about creating art that expresses something.

This course is about getting a "WOW!" from your work.

And this comes about by focusing on artistic approaches that will fully tap into your creative spirit, help you embrace spontaneity, and train you to draw upon the forms, colors, and textures of your immediate surroundings ... while giving you the tools and techniques to gather these various elements and use them to express your very own take on the visual world.
Truly — the possibilities are endless and only require you to stay focused on the essence of what it is you want to express.

This course will free your mind artistically and will train you to see beyond the image, re-purposing photographic content and reinventing new worlds as you go.
And That's Not All.
Here's More of What You'll Learn . . .
You’ll learn advanced photo-editing techniques like layering, masking, blending, recoloring, and more — along with how all this ties into developing a clear and powerful style all your own — and all this from a professional graphic artist with decades of experience.
You’ll learn to paint with light, using the camera to create beautiful painterly scenes that evoke strong moods and emotions.
You’ll learn how to create your own textures, inky brush marks, and custom text … and learn how to masterfully blend all these artistic elements in with your own photos to create amazing works of original art.
You’ll learn how to manipulate color, texture, line, and form as a visual language, allowing you to create expressive art with meaning. 
You’ll learn how to see the world like an artist, so as to find inspiration even in the most ordinary places, while employing specific themes to keep you focused.
And most important of all, you’ll learn to see the process of creating artwork as a journey of discovery, with an emphasis on playfulness, experimentation, and spontaneity.
And you’ll be learning all of this as you work through 10 Core Sessions, each a multi-part tutorial, combining live video footage and on-screen iPhone / iPad training. 
And On Top of All That, You’re ALSO Going to Enjoy a Bunch of Exciting Bonuses . . .
Five Pro Texture Sets — by Denise Love of 2 Lil’ Owls Studio, by designer Jill Catrinel, and by Nicki Fitz-Gerald herself.
While in this course you're learning to capture a wide range of natural textures (and learning how to create many of your own more abstract variations), there's something to be said for pro-designed, hand-crafted, painterly textures.  Layering actual mixed-media textures into your compositions (even if you simply blend them in at the end with an app like Image Blender) will give your finished work a lovely "polished artistry."  These sets here (worth $75 themselves) were licensed just for this course and are perfect for the work you'll be creating.
Expansion Tutorial — “Organizing Your Work”
One of the most confounding sides of working on iPhoneography compositions made up of dozens of images (and dozens of iterations of dozens of images) is just keeping track of it all. 

This bonus training will help you easily organize all of your photos, textures, brushes, typography ... not to mention all of the stored stages of your creative work as it evolves on your canvas.

Knowing this approach will not only make you more efficient with your creative work, but keep you sane along the way!

Expansion Tutorial — “Working with Digital Textures (+Blend Modes and Selective Masking)”
If you've ever worked much in Photoshop, you've probably learned that much of how great your artwork ultimately looks comes down to how well you blend textures into the finished piece.  Either along the way, or in post-processing.

Digital textures can be especially tricky, but with a solid understanding of how they function, how they blend, and how they can be selectively masked — you can acquire complete control of this critical factor in how great your compositions look when you publish them.

Expansion Tutorial — “Abstract Letterforms Collage Techniques”
Typography can be not only eye-catching but also profoundly arresting when used in your creative work — in large part because it conveys (or implies) meaning within an otherwise abstract framework.

That meaning might be entirely mysterious, but letters and numbers work on our minds in a different way than content that is otherwise purely visual in nature.

Learning to collect images of typographic elements, and then manipulate them artistically in your work will make everything a lot more exciting ...
And Best of All?
You Can Try ALL of This … Essentially For FREE.
Here’s the deal.  You can jump in on this exciting new course today — and go on to enjoy it for a full 60 DAYS before you decide whether you wish to keep it.

Seriously.  Two months to try it all out.

And then, if you don’t LOVE the training, all you’ve gotta do is send in one quick email and you’ll get every penny back.  (And you can even keep the bonus content just for giving it a look.)

It’s really that simple.  

So take two full months and see if you love what this course can do for your artistic life, and see for yourself if it changes how you create art on your iPhone or iPad …

And then, if for any reason you’re not in love with the training or for any reason don’t think it’s WELL worth the investment — you get all your money back, 100%, every penny — no hassle, no fuss.

That’s totally fair, right?  If you don't love it, you pay nothing.
"Nicki Fitz-Gerald's iPhoneography course will provide you with a new set of skills that will refine your photographic technique enable you to expand your artistic skills. Nicki is an inspiring teacher of the first order who has shared her iPhoneography skills for more than a year on AdoramaTV, and has presented several courses for journalists and artists in the UK. She has exhibited her iPhoneography work in Europe and the US, and joined me in co-authoring the popular iPhoneography book The Art of iPhone Photography. You will love her approach, and all the exciting techniques she shares!"
Bob Weil
(Author, Graphic Artist, Instructor)

"Adventures in Creative Mobile Artistry is a true delight to go through. I never imagined that I would aspire to create abstract art with just my iPhone photos, but Nicki has been such an inspiration! She doesn’t just show you how to 'edit' photos, or how to 'improve' photos — she shows you how it’s possible to create true works of art with just a few apps! It's really fantastic (and fun).  With oodles of information, tips, and creative influence, I’m thrilled to be a part of Nicki’s Adventures!"
Katie Lynn
(Photographer, Artist, Blogger)
”It's one thing to be able to snap a good photo on an iPhone and run it through a few apps to make it look cool.  But it is an altogether OTHER thing to be able to collect images the way Nicki does and turn them into works of layered, painterly, collage-style art.  Doing that (and pulling it off well) takes learning to think and work in a different way.  And that's what Nicki Fitz-Gerald excels at.  Being an instructor myself, I'm always impressed by how clearly Nicki is able to lay out the artistic process and get her students to SEE differently.  It's amazing to watch.”
Sebastian Michaels
(Photo-Artist, Writer, Instructor)
So! Let’s Recap What You’re Going to Get . . .
10 Extensive Multi-Video Lessons — combining live footage and on-screen training, taking you through every critical aspect of Nicki’s approach to creating beautiful, expressive, painterly works of art with nothing but passion and an iPhone or iPad.
5 Pro-Designed Content Sets — giving you a full suite of gorgeous material ready to drop in on your compositions and immediately give your work a beautiful professional polish.
3 Bonus Tutorials — helping you tackle two questions every aspiring iPhone artist has when starting out:  How to organize and keep track of all these images … and how to make full use of digital textures and blend modes.  As well as training you on layering typography into your work creatively!
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When you consider the thousands of dollars it would cost to attend one of Nicki’s live workshops — you realize just how great this opportunity is. 
It’s like attending a Nicki Fitz-Gerald workshop in London or Dublin, learning all of her best insights and techniques and approaches to creating art . . . But with the convenience and comfort of your own home.  And at a tiny, tiny, tiny fraction of the cost.
Grab Lifetime Access to
"Adventures in Creative Mobile Artistry"
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And Remember – You Either Love It  . . . Or It’s FREE.
You are going to have a full 60 DAYS to go through this training, grab all the bonus content, and explore this new and exciting approach to creating art on your iPhone or iPad.  

Enjoy the videos, learn all the techniques, grab the bonuses, try it all out for yourself.

If for any reason during the next two months you’re not thrilled, just send us an email and you’ll get every penny back.  That simple.

PS:  Make no mistake ...  You can go your own way, practice on your own, tinker with a bunch of apps and see what you come up with.  But if you want to shortcut all of that trial and error and step right into a tested arsenal of proven techniques and creative approaches — if you want to be creating your most imaginative, exciting iPhone images starting TODAY — then take advantage of this course.   Because remember, you are not risking anything here. If this course doesn’t blow you away, you have a full 60 days in which you can get a complete refund. So give the training a try and see what kind of artistry it brings to your life.

PPS:  How about Android devices?   This course was designed for iPhones and iPads, not for Android devices.  About half the apps covered are available on both platforms, and the most important training applies no matter what you're using to capture your images.  But if you are specifically looking for an Android course, this probably isn't it.
What Some Students Are Already Saying . . .
“Nicki is someone whose distinct style I’ve admired for some time now.  I am constantly inspired by her unique use of  different apps, her invention of techniques, and her workflow to create stunning creations. She is masterful with the blur and painterly apps like BlurFX, Blurtastic and Slow Shuttercam.” - Suzy Blase
“Thank you, Nicki … your tutorials are so easy to understand, and about the subject and not the presenter.  You are a welcome breath of fresh air.” - Derry Caulfield
"I am thrilled beyond measure about this course! Listening to your beautiful buttery soft voice is a joy!” - Lynn Crow
“Nicki’s use of motifs to make a wonderful abstract is wonderful — and so inspiring.  She has  a real gift for the abstract.”  - Lash LaRue
“Nicki is a brilliant collage artist pushing the limits of mobile art each day with her wonderful painterly and abstract creations all straight from the iPhone.” - Andy Royston
"I have been a big fan of Nicki's work since I first saw it on Instagram. I was drawn to her creativity and painterly style; some of her work looks like paintings. Nicki's unique style of fine art photography is a true visual treat and I believe that her passion for mobile artistry shared in this course will enable people to express their own creativity, not only by learning the advanced editing tutorials on layering, blend modes and masking techniques but the endless inspiration she finds from almost any subject caught in her field of vision. Her work is pure poetry!” - Mark Fearnley
“I love your style of training, you make it all real to me, it is easy to follow and I’ve been able to develop my own style which I am thrilled with.” - Kim Smith
"Congratulations on a fab course. I especially love the in depth lessons on textures and blending, and the brilliant use of BlurFX. Thank you so much for sharing your wonderful techniques. I will certainly review the lessons many times as I continue to learn and develop my iPhoneography.” - Idieuwke
"Your videos have saved me trawling through endless app reviews and searching for "how to ..." guides.  Thank you Nicki." - Peter Bryenton
“You are an amazing teacher Nicki, thanks so much for giving me a new hobby, one that I can do anytime.” - Jay Reeves
— “I thought I knew a lot about how to create iPhone art, but Nicki still left me saying ‘wow!’ again and again. [Nicki's training is] just filled with terrific techniques and tips that anyone can learn, use, and adapt to their own iPhone art. Highly recommended.”  - Marty Yawnick (LifeinLofi)
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